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What is the obsession with Designer Wears; How far can you go?

Submitted by Jaysworld on Mon, 2014-11-10 16:00

Trendy, in-vogue, fashionable, attractive, stylish, smart. These are a few words people, especially celebrities, use to describe the dress culture that appeals to their taste. The crave for the  designer products  like the Michael Korrs, Prada and the Givenchys of this world, just to mention a few.

The designer savvy crowd don't like to associate themselves with anything that does not agree with the listed adjectives. Any clothing material that does not bear the name or logo of a popular designer brand cannot command attention for these fashion-label freaks.

Company Logos Quiz 101

Logos every where. Our favorite gadgets, eating houses, cars etc The following are a list of well known company signs and logos. Enter the company name below each logo. Note, you have to get the spelling right to score a mark. Entering "Aple" when you mean to enter "Apple" scores zero marks.

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