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Spirituality, a Myth for Young People?

Submitted by Jaysworld on Sun, 2014-11-16 12:13

The concept of a higher power out there is something that is fast losing grounds amongst young people. That a mysterious deity that possesses supernatural power exists somewhere sounds like tales from a movie script for most people.

To many, whatever cannot be explained scientifically does not hold water. Since there isn’t a definite line of agreement between science and the concept of spirituality as regards a higher power, this idea sounds like hogwash to young folks of the 21st century.

Rap music is responsible for increased drug abuse and gang violence

Submitted by Bsmart on Sat, 2014-11-15 18:58

The whole “success stories” most rap artistes preach in their songs are either about drug taking, how rich they are or how many women they have bedded. There is no mention of the dangers of alcohol or the negative impacts of drug taking. Nothing is mentioned about sexually transmitted diseases.

Ladies Shoe Types

Ladies love shoes but can they identify, by name, the shoes they own? Below are various shoe model photos plus a little description. Can you name the shoes type?

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