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The art of making melodious sounds.

Musical reality TV shows helping the disadvantaged become stars

Submitted by dumero on Sun, 2014-11-09 19:22
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Musical reality TV shows have provided a platform for individuals who ordinarily would not have a music career. Winners of these shows walk away with prizes like cash or contracts to start their musical career.

We have seen shows such as American Idol and X-factor produce talents such as Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks. They have gone on to deliver hit songs that have topped charts World wide.

Who rocks the most?

The Nigerian film music industry is experiencing a boom period both at home and abroad. Its common to hear Nigerian music blasting on foreign radio stations as people cant get enough of the likes of D'banj, Tuface, Whizkid etc. Its a new type of sound and fans are lapping it up. We decided to put together some of these top performers. Who do you think rocks? Who is da boss?


Who are these two?

They are a well known singing sensation who have, against all odds, broken into the international mainstream. Who are these two men?

Who sang these Lyrics?

Below each group of pictures are the lyrics to one of the singer's songs. Identify which one of the pop stars sang those lyrics. If you know the lyrics, you must know the artiste who sang it. Right?

Name the Music Group from the Member Names 102

Another quiz based on music groups. We have a mix of bands from across the genres. Guess their name from the members.

Which rap band is this?

They are a very popular hip-hop band. Do you recognise them?

Name the band from the member names?

We all know big music bands. Can you name the members of your favourite group? Below are a list names. Try and guess which band they belong to.

Complete the song lyrics 101

The following are the lyrics to popular songs from across different genres. Can you add the missing words? The hit below each lyric might be of great help.

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