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Abortion - a question of Morality or Legality?

Submitted by Jaysworld on Wed, 2014-11-26 21:30

Jane has been seeing her boyfriend for over a year now without any sexual involvement. Recently, when she turned eighteen, she thought now that she had come of age, she was free to express herself as desired. So, off she went on an adventure of lovemaking as she allowed this boyfriend of hers pluck her flowers. One month of constant sex and she finds out she is pregnant.

She tells her boyfriend about it, but he quickly counsels her to take proactive measure as he was not ready to be a father since he was only twenty-two and still schooling.

Jane was brought up with some level of morality and so was scared to yield to his advice. “Would I not be taking the life of an innocent child who did not ask to come”? She wondered. "What if the process goes wrong and things turn out really bad?” She nursed more fears.

You might agree with me that the practice of abortion is as old as time itself. But there has always been the arguments over whether it is right or wrong to engage in the act. Some argue that the fetus is life and deserves to be given a chance to live. Others argue that unless the baby is actually born, then it has not become a life.

There are countries where legality is given to the practice of abortion and there are yet other countries where it is a crime to abort. Some argue further that situations such as rape, incest, severe deformities in the baby that are ‘not compatible with life’ or when a mother cannot carry the pregnancy to term are justifiable reasons to abort.

"Free thinkers" on the other hand still believe that no matter the case; if someone gets pregnant and does not want the baby, she should be allowed to abort without any legal implication.

It is true we live in a free world, but caution has to be taken on how we handle matters of huge importance like the almighty –abortion.

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People have a right to abort if they so wish



Submitted by Sly on Thu, 2014-12-11 20:06
Sly's picture

Abortion is neither a moral or legal option. Its a question of necessity.

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