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What Do You Think About Equating Pets To Human Children: A Good Or Bad Idea?

Submitted by Bsmart on Wed, 2014-11-19 22:20

Many pet lovers would rather buy and keep lots of pets than have a child of their own. The scripture made it clear that we humans are made in the image and likeness of God and that God placed humans over everything he created.  Even science, which divided life form into three categories, mineral, vegetable, and animal placed man at the top of every living thing thus making human inimitable and exceptional among everything that exists. 

It is then worrisome how things happen today. A few married couples would opt not to have a child but would rather keep a pet. Languages meant for humans like "child", "parenting", "he", "she" etc are now frequently applied to animals.  Previously, the word "adoption" was used to mean a family bringing in a child who has no blood relations into the family. Such a child is then treated as having equal rights with the rest of the family. Today, the term "adoption" is used for pets as well.

Even the term "special needs" has been applied to dogs with physical and behavioral problems. You even hear things like "parenting" a dog. How could any human in his or her right senses equate a dog to himself!

I have wondered if these people ever gave a thought to what would have become of them if their parents refused to have them. Again, if we all go down this lane and dogs replaced children, will we die out as a specie? How ridiculously insane is our world going?

Pet lovers have as well argued that the death of pets should elicit the same sense of loss as that of a human. This has led to the creation of mourning rituals for pets. A funeral home, in Florida, of late, extended its services to pets.  Family and friends now are able to observe funeral programs for pets. They would spend the night in vigil with candle lit around a doggie bed. 



AgreeDisagreeDon't KnowIndifferent
Pets/ Animals are beings and should be treated as such
A pet is as good as a child




Submitted by Yu on Thu, 2014-11-20 19:44

how did you think Ebola transmitted into the human system? it was originally a disease of the apes and wild bats.

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