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Who should we blame for rape?

Submitted by Jaysworld on Fri, 2014-11-07 18:47

‘Six university guys’ gang rape a  female student’, ‘Male patient rapes female doctor to death’. We see these types of headlines on the television every day. We read about them in the news papers. It is all over the internet. From one rape case to another.

Rape is an evil that many consider should attract capital punishment. Psychologists state the damage done to a victim goes beyond the physical, to the emotional and even spiritual. Unfortunately, some victims of this dastardly act never recover from the trauma even long after the dehumanising act got committed.

My point is around the argument about why rapes happens. What triggers it? Who is to blame? Is it the perpetrators or the victims?

Experts say most people that carry out this type of crime suffer from some form of psychological problem that distort their world view and thus lead to how they act towards persons of the opposite sex. They also posit that those who suffered some form of abuse or the other in their growing up days are likely to act in this manner.

While one must not condone perpetrators, one can also not completely absolve victims from negligence that in some cases led the ‘actors’ to commit the act. How do victims contribute? You may wonder?

The dress sense of ladies these days have been mentioned as a possible causative factor. Provocative dressing that exposes sensitive parts of the body can lure or invite the already psychologically inbalanced into an attack. Rapists have no sense of decency or control. Going around half naked and expecting everyone to behave themselves around you is surely a stupid idea. There are insane or psychologically unbalanced people out there.

When a girl or lady dresses in such a way that shows her breasts and other sensitive parts, what then should a sex starved man or, shall I say, nymphomaniac do? What of the psychopaths? or mentally unbalanced? Who will be blamed when the act happens?


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The victims are to blame?
The perpetrators are to blame?
Both the victims and the perpetrators are to blame?
Rapists should face capital punishment?




Submitted by roxxette on Sat, 2014-11-15 20:26
roxxette's picture

Rape is a devilish act on another person. The idea of an evil man forcing himself on a helpless woman is what comes to mind when this ugly word is mentioned BUT there are female rapists as well. Yes. Women who rape fellow women or even men.

Back to the topic. Your questions sounds like: Who is to blame for burglary? The thief or the house owner? Of course the perpetrator should always be blamed. If you go about ogling women and getting yourself turned on in the process, you are still to blame. Look away. Think of the bible or koran or whatever holy thoughts you subscribe to. That should clear your mind.

Anyway, I was joking. I quite understand the threat of "half naked females" parading the streets BUT that still does not justify why a person should force themselves on another human to satisfy their sexual needs. It is selfish, violent and condemnable.

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