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Dissimilarity between Frugality and Stinginess

Submitted by Jaysworld on Fri, 2014-11-28 08:31

Stinginess refers to the attitude of not willing to spend, even when it is necessary and required whether for yourself or others. In some parlance it also means being tight-fisted. Being frugal on the other hand refers to the attitude of deliberately monitoring and controlling your spending appetite; spending when you should and on what is necessary.

A frugal person is not tight-fisted like the stingy one, rather he questions and queries every dollar that is to be spent, and if he does not see a justification for such spending he holds back. Whilst a stingy person does so even to his own detriment, because he would not spend on his necessary needs, the frugal person does not do same. He knows what is necessary and important and expends on them accordingly.

Another difference between these classes of people is that the frugal person is futuristic in his thinking, so he is also willing to take investment risks, but the stingy does not do so because he is too afraid he might lose everything if he invests.

You might agree that it sure pays to be in control of your spending habit rather than allowing the spending habit to control you. This might be because of the world economy which seems to be biting harder as the days go by. However, with proper and more conscientious frugality, everyone can still stay afloat of the waters of the economic recession.

So when next the urge to go on an unnecessary spending spree rears its ugly head, you just must be ready to stamp your foot and stay focused on what your real needs are. After all even the world richest man knows how expedient this is.

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