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How Technology Shapes Our Lifestyle

Submitted by Bsmart on Sat, 2014-11-15 00:37



The incredible development in technology and its diversity has extremely changed the lifestyle of people. The advancement of technology today has greatly improved the lifestyle of people. Imagine what our life would have been without television, computers, cars, trains, fridges, and indeed almost everything we use at home that makes life easy and pleasurable. Without technology, these would not have been possible. Technology makes lifestyles simpler in many ways, and it has various advantageous upshots to the human condition.


To start with, the massive headway in technology is responsible for the great innovation and advancement in agriculture, industry, warfare and nation’s safety, transport, information, medicine, communication, etc. One sector that has greatly improved due to technological advancement is the media. There’s the radio, television, internet, phone, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smart phones, and other devices that can fit into your palm. Another noteworthy aspect of our daily lives that is greatly enhanced due to improved technological development is the medicine sector. Technology has introduced the up-to-the-minute tools to improve health care delivery and patient care.


Playing an important role in international trade is another thing technology has being able to accomplish. The international marketplace has been globalized by technology.  The most significant contribution of technology to lifestyle specifically is making our lives much easier and helping us realise what was unconceivable hitherto.


Believe it or not, technology has always affected people’s lifestyle in the world since the beginning of the human race like in linguistic, rituals, trade, and the arts. Technology is a basic part of human lifestyle and it shapes society’s lifestyle and it’s also been shaped by the society’s lifestyle. On the other hand, the good or bad end product of technology on lifestyle will largely depend on the choices that you make. These choices between the state of the art and ever growing  technology takes into consideration things like responding to user demands, products means of dissemination, and the societies’ ability to gain access to these products with easiness. Further effects of technology in our lifestyle are dogmas and beliefs relating to freedom of choice, acquisitiveness, consumerism, and the application of technologies just as people wishes. Let me elucidate what I mean now, technology could be applied in order to maintain, or prolong, or even to terminate a life depending on the patient’s wish. For that reason, the difference in someone’s approach towards technology is dependent on that person’s acquaintance of technology and not the notion you have about technology.


As a final point, the technologies available to you will greatly influence how your lifestyle will be just as you too can have an influence on technological development and how it is applied. Without doubt, the industrial transformation by technology is still on the go. Technology is modifying patterns of work and bringing with it great economic and social imports. The more evident economic impact of the industrial transformation brought about by improved technology is the reductions of non-renewable natural resources like petrol, coal, and ores.


The social effects of the ground-breaking technological development and transformation are its adverse influence on people’s conduct and the notion. of the latest technological invention. Nonetheless, you should cash in on technological developments and apply it judiciously to benefit your lifestyle rather than hurt it. For instance, you could use technology to make routes shorter while working and as well make jobs easy.


We are really lucky and privileged to be part of this new technological generation. Our fore fathers didn’t enjoy half of what we are enjoying through technology today. They would have lived happier and lasted longer if they did. What more shall we say!  Technology has brought life and happiness very close to us. The future of this planet lies in my hands and in your hands too. We must make judicious and wise use of this precious pearl to better our everyday life and not hurt it.

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