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When the Fire of Love Begins to Burn Faintly

Submitted by Jaysworld on Wed, 2014-12-10 08:42

From time immemorial, fire has been known and used both for purifying and destruction purposes. For gold and other precious stones to come out shining and admirable, they must be subjected to the force of fire for purification. But the same fire when set on wood can burn it to ashes, even though with the right temperature coal can be gotten from the woods instead of ashes.

 You just might agree with me that Love is like fire. It has the capacity to either burn or purifies the souls of the love birds in whose hearts it has been lit. However, flames get doused and if the embers are not fanned they go out and die. So does love – a soul mate become a stale mate.

The question then is, when this flame begins to go dim, what next? Should it be allowed to go out completely? Or is there something that the parties in a love relationship can do to revive their love for each other?

Here are some possible actions to help rekindle the fire of your love. And they are all wrapped up in you playing the fool, and by that it is meant…

Sometimes, disagreements and unresolved differences pile up overtime and this can build animosity, which may lead to gradual love descent. When this happens, try and play the fool in order to revive the love you share with your partner.

Be the first to take deliberate steps to look for solution by;

  • Communicating often.
  • Buy special gifts.
  • Do acts of kindness that are unusual.
  • Ask for outings and go to fun places and even bear the cost.
  • Be interested in the things that interest your partner.
  • Surprise your partner in unusual ways – create welcoming environments, plan a fun kidnap and take your partner to a place already prepared for fun.
  • Deliberately become more romantic and if it is a marital union go all out with ‘sexcapde’ – sex escapade.

These are a few things to do when you sense that the fire of love is waning in your union.

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