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Shaka City Store

Vote Of No Confidence - Sack the Shaka

Start a campaign for a "Vote of No Confidence" against the current Shaka. You require a minimum of 100 members to vote before the vote can go ahead. There is not guarantee it...
450 points

Buy 500 points

Take a shortcut to glory. Buy 500 points. What can I do with 500 points? 500 points is half way towards promotion to an ImpiShaka (if you were a Barbarian). an ImpiShaka can enslave...
450 points

Buy 5000 points

Take a shortcut to glory. Buy 5,000 points. What can you do with 5,000 points? 5,000 points = guaranteed promotion to a Titan (if you were an ImpiShaka). a Titan is one step away from the...
4,500 points

InkuShaka - Overthrow the Shaka

You finally resolved to remove the Shaka by force? An InkuShaka is a Coup detat that will award you the same point as the current Shaka + 10. This qualifies you to ascend the throne but mind you, if...
150,000 points

BoomShaka - mass points grabbing!

Weild power like a Shaka. Unleash a BoomShaka on the citizens. A BoomShaka is a powerful force that goes on a points grabbing spree on random persons. All the stolen points will be added to you. This...
100,000 points

Protection (30 days)

Get protection from: Hexes. Points thieves and other perils of the city. Protections dont last for ever, however.
5,000 points

Amnesty From Slavery

Free yourself from enslavement by another member of the community. What will this mean to you? You will henceforth own all the points you earn from site activities. You do not have to share...
20,000 points
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